Updated Windows 7 ISO w/ Security Only Updates and USB 3 Drivers

For many years now, I've been maintaining my own updated copies of Windows 7 since Microsoft doesn't want to create an SP2 release (Also I don't want any of their Telemetry stuff but only security updates). I'll be now releasing my updated copies of Windows 7 as I create them since I believe many people around the world want to and will benefit from these releases.

These were made from a Vanilla Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 DVD that I have from when I purchased Windows 7 Ultimate many years ago. It contains all of the Microsoft "Security Only" updates (All Microsoft Updates can be found in the Microsoft Update Catalog), and a few other updates that are necessary in order to get these updates to work. It also contains various storage controllers and USB 3 drivers in order to allow the installation of Windows 7 on various modern systems that only provide USB 3 ports. I'm also releasing a mirror of all of the updates I've collected from Microsoft, The Vanilla SP1 ISO, and all the drivers. This will allow people to audit the ISOs I create, and will allow individuals to create their own updated disks easier and faster. I personally purchased and used a copy of NTLite to make these since I'm a big fan of that application (since the XP days (nLite)). However, you could also use Microsoft's DISM tools as well.

The Vanilla Windows 7 Ultimate ISO is a genuine image directly from Microsoft's DVD. The customized ISO is the same just with my included updates (It doesn't contain any other editions of Windows 7 though). You will need to purchase a copy of Windows 7 after 30 days if you want to continue to use it. If you've been enjoying Windows 7, please purchase a copy from Microsoft.

The goal of the ISOs are to have a Vanilla copy of Windows that are updated with the latest security updates, and USB 3 drivers (for installation purposes). NO Telemetry or privacy invasive software are allowed. If you find out that any telemetry updates slipt into my ISOs, message me immediately with the specific Telemetry "feature", and definitely feel free to give me tips on how to remove it (or what update it slipt in with). I'll be glad to remake the ISO from scratch if necessary. The Security Only updates I integrated should not have backported any telemetry "features", or other features.

Lastly, If you are enjoying these ISOs, please mirror them. My upload speed isn't that great and it would definitely help others. If you mirror it, you need to maintain my signatures so that others can verify the authenticity of the images.

Download Updated Windows 7 Ultimate (x86_64)