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What is Xyinn?

Xyinn completes the Gentoo base system to turn it into a complete operating system. It does this by providing the following:

This follows a mixture of philosophies from FreeBSD, Windows, and OS X.

A basic opinionated set of defaults have been selected in order for your system to be deployed faster. After you finish your installation,
you are encouraged to modify the system to your tastes. Xyinn is simply about speeding up your Gentoo installation by starting from a
complete base system.

Build Descriptions

Xyinn Core - A complete minimal Gentoo operating system.
Xyinn Desktop (GNOME) - A complete Gentoo operating system with a desktop environment.

Download Xyinn (x86_64)

Release Cycle

Image refreshes with the latest gentoo stable packages will be released as needed.
This isn't a big deal since Gentoo is a rolling release distro. Just emerge --sync && emerge -uDNav @world
from any image and you will be up to date.

Installing Xyinn
  1. Partition your drive and create filesystems
  2. Extract tarball into root directory (tar xpf [file])
  3. Chroot into root directory and do last minute configurations
  4. Install bootloader (grub-install)
  5. Reboot

Visit my Gentoo Linux on ZFS guide for some ideas

Core Packages
Included Xyinn Desktop Packages
Download the modified System Rescue CD w/ ZFS ISO

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